VYTENIS JANKŪNAS PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States

Jan 26, 2016

The EU Delegation hosts temporary art exhibits from leading and emerging European artists. Up to now these have been open to view only for those attending meetings or events. But as of 2016 The Delegation will offer the opportunity for general public viewing on selected dates and times.

Currently on exhibition is a photographic exhibit by the contemporary Lithuanian artist, Vytenis Jankūnas.


Stuck on the Train is Vytenis Jankūnas’ solo exhibition featuring photographs made by the artist while traveling through New York via the subway – from Queens to Manhattan. He uses the same route almost daily on the train "J" line, taking pictures of the accidental travelers. At first sight these photographs appear to be simple documentation of his journeys, while their aesthetics and the print technology create an illusion of classical photography. In reality every image has been created using a method of multiple exposure – the single image has been digitally composed from between several and dozens of different shots. The artist composes several of these multi-layered images on the same sheet, in this way forming a complex perception of time and situation. Time becomes yet another traveler of this train and alongside the author of the photographs wonders through the images: it stops, vanishes or reappears in the little details of the image.