J 2 Manhattan & Back 24-7-365 in HD partS 1-3

Single-channel HD video projection called J 2 Manhattan & Back 24-7-365 in HD Part 1 was on display in Tallinn Art Hall Gallery as part of the Random Rapid Heartbeats. Selected projects from the CAC Vilnius programme exhibition in Tallinn Art Hall. More about the show Parts 1,2 and 3 were shown within the Art Vilnius '17 Special Projects program. More about the show Click on the thumbnails bellow to watch the videos.

Artist statement: I made these photographs while traveling through New York City via the "J" train – from Queens to Manhattan and back almost everyday. Using hundreds of pictures shot in the span of more that 3 years I created these short videos, which show a changing scene on one subway car bench trough out a year, day and night in 3 vertical interchangeable slides side by side. They tell the story of my everyday travels and reveal the multicultural nature of the metropolis such as NYC.